How to quickly become a better Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle player

Get Dragon Stones

If you finish a quest for the first time you are getting rewarded with several Dragon Stones. This also counts for side quests. Not that you are only getting Dragon Stones for completing quests there are various useful items that you will get on that way. Server downtimes or maintenance are also not that bad as you are mostly getting rewarded with a good amount of Dragon Stones. If you have a decent amount of Dragon Stones, you should continue saving them for a few multi-summons. Do not ever spend them on empty stamina or a revive after you lost a level as these are wasted Dragon Stones. You should only spend them on this things if you have used the Dokkan Battle hack and got an unlimited amount. Should this be the case, you can feel free to try every feature of the game and just buy whatever you want. Sooner or later you will end up with the perfect team of Saiyajins anyways. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle online hack is completely free to use, and the first hack tool of its kind so check it out now and give it a try.

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How to make your characters much stronger

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle contains a lot of champions, and they are split up into different rarity levels. The rarity also sets their standard cap until it reaches the next rarity level. The less rare a character is, the faster you can level him up to the next level. Later on, this can take a long time as the number of levels is getting high.

N: Level 20.
R: Level 40.
SR: Level 60.
SSR: Level 80.
UR: Level 100.
LR: Level 150.

There are only a few exceptions that are allowed to get leveled higher without being at the rarity level that would be needed to level it up that often. To get a character to the next rarity level, you will need to have an Awakening Medals for this. Since recently these can be purchased in the baba-shop, you will then have to spend a few baba-coins that you also receive by completing levels or quests. Again the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack is your biggest help to receive Baba-Coins as it can generate you hundred thousands of this resource by a single use.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack – Where to find a working one?

As we always had problems to get enough crystals to open as many packs as we needed to get the characters we wanted to have. So we tried to find a working Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack which is also free actually. At the beginning we either found fake hacks or ones with a paid subscription, so we continued our search, and a few days later we finally found a working Dokkan Battle hack.

It’s working online, so downloads or anything like that won’t be. Needed at any point. The risk for you is lowered to a minimum because of this. By far this is the best Dokkan Battle cheats that you could make use of. No matter what no other hack tool is better in any case at all, they update their hack tool nearly every day, so they are also the fastest in updating their app. So the ban rate should be the lowest there. Also, we have used this hack tool now for several weeks and had no problems with it. We also tried to contact the developers with a fake problem, and they answered fast enough and would also be able to solve it quickly. Try the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack now so that you won’t miss a great gaming experience.